When will I be able to take part in the study?

You can already register and create a personalised login. However, we are still finalising some details for this study, and we plan to launch the project mid-2018. If you have created a login, you will receive an email to inform you that you can fill in the questionnaires send us your stool sample.

Would my data be kept confidential?
Yes, your data will be de-identified so that researchers working with the data will not know who you are. Only the principal research investigator will have access to participant names

Who has access to my data?
Researchers working on The South African Microbiome Initiative in Neuroscience will have access to your data, however, they will not see your name, only your laboratory identification number.

Will I receive personalised feedback about my gut microbiome or questionnaires?
Not as part of the study, but it can be provided at a cost. Due to the large number of participants that will be enrolled in the study, we will not be able to send personalised feedback. However, should you wish to receive personalised feedback, that could be provided for a fee (to cover expenses relating to constructing a feedback report). Please contact us at info@saneurogut.org to find out more about pricing.

Would I receive any payment for taking part in the study?
No. Due to ethical guidelines, we are not allowed to pay participants to partake in research studies.

What happens to my stool sample once you receive it?
Once we receive your stool sample in the laboratory, it is stored in freezers until researchers can extract DNA from them. During the DNA extraction procedure, the researcher uses a laboratory protocol in order to get all the DNA from the bacteria in your stool sample. This DNA is then sent to a company to determine the sequences of the DNA of the bacteria in your stool sample. The company sends us the sequencing data, which we use to do analyses to determine which factors (such as diet, stress, sleep, disease etc.) affect your gut microbiome composition. Your data is kept confidential and only the principal investigator of the study has access to your name since all samples receive a unique study laboratory ID in order to maintain confidentiality.