Detailed Instructions

What is in the kit?

  • Instruction booklet
  • FTA Whatman card stool collection kit
  • Omigene Gut stool collection kit
  • Oragene DNA saliva collection kit
  • Data collection booklet and 24-hour Food Diary
  • Return courier bag
  • Disposable gloves & waste bag
  • Toilet accessory for stool collection

How to collect your stool sample

You will collect two stool samples from a single bowel movement. You can make use of the provided disposable gloves to ensure that you don’t accidentally get stool on yourself.

A. Stool sample collection using the FTA Whatman card.

  1. When you are ready, remove the items from your collection kit and place them on a nearby surface that is dry and clean.
  2. After you’ve wiped, use one of the sterile swabs and stick it into the middle section of your stool sample on the toilet paper.
  3. If you anticipate that you might not get enough stool from a wipe, you can “catch” your stool as it exists using toilet paper or the toilet accessory provided.
  4. Use the swab to smear stool on the paper card on the inside of the four circles. Ensure that ALL FOUR CIRCLES are lightly covered with a thin layer of stool.
  5. Keep the flap of the paper card open and place the card with the smeared stool sample in a safe place to dry for about 30 minutes.
  6. Place the used swab in the plastic waste bag provided (DO NOT FLUSH IT DOWN THE TOILET).
  7. Once dry, close the paper card with the flap, and place the card in the bag labeled “FTA Card” and seal it properly.

B. Stool sample collection using the Omnigene GUT kit

  1. Unscrew the purple cap off the collection tube (place the cap in a safe area nearby).
  2. Using the spatula provided, collect a little bit of stool off the toilet paper and put it into the yellow top.
  3. Repeat until the yellow top is full, then, using the spatula, scrape the top to level out the sample and remove excess stool.
  4. Place the used spatula in the plastic waste bag provided.
  5. Pick up the purple cap with the solid end facing down and screw it onto the yellow tube top until tightly closed.
  6. Shake the tube as hard and as fast as possible for 30 seconds to mix the stool sample with the stabilizing solution.
  7. Wrap the collection tube in the absorbent material provided in the Ziplock bag labeled “Stool Sample”.
  8. Place the wrapped tube into the Ziplock bag labeled “Stool Sample” and seal the bag tightly.

How to collect your saliva sample

Saliva collection using the Oragene DNA kit.

  1. Spit into funnel and fill the collection tube up to the fill line.
  2. Close the lid tightly, you should hear a loud click.
  3. Unscrew the mouthpiece from the collection tube and discard the mouthpiece in the plastic waste bag provided.
  4. Use the small cap to close the collection tube tightly.
  5. Invert the capped tube for five seconds.
  6. Wrap the capped collection tube in the absorbent material provided in the Ziplock bag labeled “Saliva Sample“.
  7. Place the wrapped tube in the Ziplock bag labelled “Saliva Sample” and seal the bag tightly.
  8. Once you are done with the stool and saliva collection, you can throw the plastic waste bag containing the used swab, spatula, gloves and mouthpiece away in a bin.

How to complete the Data Collection Booklet

The following information is asked for in the data collection booklet:

  • Time since last bowel movement.
  • Date and time of stool collection.
  • Type/shape of stool according to the Bristol Stool Scale.
  • Date and time of saliva collection.
  • Detailed diary of all food and drinks consumed in the 24 hours prior to stool collection.

In order to make it easier to fill in the Data Collection Booklet, you can make use of the following Apps to keep track of what you consume and of your bowel movements.

Food Diary (Android)
Foodility (Apple)
Poop Tracker (Android)
Poop Tracker (Apple)

How to send your sample collection kit back to us

1. Please make sure the following items are all packed back into the Sample Collection Kit box that you will be returning to us:

  • Completed Data Collection Booklet and 24-hour Food Diary
  • A ziplock bag labelled “Stool Sample Part A: FTA card” containing your paper card.
  • A ziplock bag labelled “Stool Sample Part B: Omnigene” containing your purple capped tube that has been wrapped in absorbent material.
  • A ziplock bag labelled “Saliva Sample” containing your blue capped tube that has been wrapped in absorbent material.

(It is very important that you wrap your sample tubes in the absorbent material before placing them in the ziplock bags. This is an essential requirement of the courier company and is necessary to contain and prevent any sample leakage during transport.)

2. Place the Sample Collection Kit box containing the three ziplock bags and the Data Collection Booklet in the clear Aramex bag provided. (Please don’t reuse the red Aramex bag that you received your kit in.)

3. Complete the provided waybill by filling in the date in the top right hand corner, your details in the sender block on the left and your signature in the bottom left hand corner.

4. Place the completed waybill in the waybill pocket of the courier bag.

5. Please email (cc: OR phone 021 887 8160 to arrange collection of your sample kit. If Aramex is notified before 12 pm, your sample kit will be collected on the same day (only applicable to main centers). Please note that collection can only be done from Monday to Thursday.